Note from Support Evangelist Lahiru Silva

Do your users trust your new ERP? As IT person your instantaneous reply would be ‘’Why not!!’’

Are you sure?

Most of the time absences of trust is hidden and personal, because even to discuss absences of trust there need have some degree of trust. (Seems paradoxical isn’t it…)

The money you spent on the big IT project or the technical superiority of the implemented solution alone is not capable of wining the trust of your users. You need show genuine concern for the users. Trust is not something money can buy.

Trust is the element that glues users to newly implemented system.  Trust breed engagement and willingness to comply.

Continuous user engagement and compliance or in other words ‘buy in’ from users are critical to success of any digital transformation initiative.

On the other hand, absence trust in the system leads to withdrawal of energy to engage and force users to believe that system and new processes do not deservers anything from them as together they do not yield any benefit to users themselves.

How can we build or restore the trust? Luckily there are few things we can do.

Ensure new system delivers its promise

If it means to make the life easy for users, then ensure it does exactly that. Equip users with little tricks and tips to engage the new system in correct manner. Make available a reliable user support when they need it and in a way they need.

Increase transparency

Unknown breed anxiety so ensure user know all they need to know about the new system. Even though there was pre go live training users will not become experts in new system overnight therefore they need access to systematic and knowledgeable support mechanism.

Develop competency

Develop competency

Engaged users evolve over the time and they need to do more from the system. specially the super users want system to deliver more but they may not know how to get it done.  There comes the need for continuous user training, advance user support and skilled set of technicians to configure the system to new demands.

Open for criticism, prepared to adopt and adjust

No matter how futuristic your solution at implementation as the time passes it becomes more and more at odds with contemporary needs. There can be requirements to change the original solution or to reconfigure it. This recalibration process should be fast and accurate to secure the trust of users.

You promise to your users, the lifeline of your organization that new system brings nothing but best. No matter what we promise every system has its own pros and cons.  But if you show genuine concern for your users by empowering them with novel support initiative then you can win their trust and achieve the level of congruence make a winning team.

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