Integrations with IFS

Go Beyond ERP with Customized Integration Solutions

Complement your IFS application with integration solutions. SEBSA provides numerous Integration Services that connect your IFS application with any supported third-party business solution to deliver valuable insights and feedback on your enterprise.

Accuracy. Security. Accessibility.

Integration solutions help you avoid data silos and connect all business divisions under one system for data accuracy, security, and accessibility.

Replace Traditional Integrations withIntegration Platforms

Integration platforms offer a secure, cost-effective and user-friendly approach to your ERP solution. The Boomi integration platform is SEBSA's go-to choice for IFS applications since it delivers faster and more robust integrations. SEBSA is also well-versed and capable of integrating any other integration platforms a client may choose.

Integration Services

Data Integrations

Table level (PLSQL based integration)
Flat files
Scheduled tasks

Functional Integrations

Synchronous (Cause & Effect)
Asynchronous (Cause & Effect)
Transformer (XSLT) integrations
More Than Integration

Our team of expert business analysts helps enterprises identify and reach critical business decisions by carefully analysing business process data using either BI and BR tools built into ERP/EAM solutions or Microsoft Power BI.

Business Intelligence
Business Analytics
Business Reporter