SEBSA & Sorcha join forces in a strategic partnership, enhancing SEBSA’s footprint in the UK

SEBSA and Sorcha Systems have entered a strategic partnership with the aim of providing IFS support and services to IFS clients in the UK. This collaboration not only enhances SEBSA's market presence in the UK but also allows Sorcha Systems to harness the expertise and resources of SEBSA.

Based in Sri Lanka, SEBSA has proven and maintained a track record among its clients as a reliable and highly competent service provider. By merging Sorcha's market reach with SEBSA's well-established capabilities, the partners have positioned themselves to offer outstanding IFS support and implementation services at a competitive rate to the UK market.

"SEBSA is always up to date on the latest technological developments in the IFS ecosystem", said SEBSA CEO Muthuraja Nanayakkara. "IFS Cloud integrated with artificial intelligence can deliver a competitive advantage to all enterprises. This partnership enables UK businesses to realise the full potential of IFS Cloud without overspending."

Kieran Geoghegan, CEO of Sorcha Systems, said: "By leveraging the skills and expertise of SEBSA and the UK market knowledge of Sorcha, this partnership represents an exciting prospect for the UK customer base by combining local communication points and a global knowledge base, representing a high value proposition for the UK IFS community."

Muthuraja and Kieran have maintained a longstanding professional relationship since they first crossed paths during the IFS Graduate Programme. "Muthuraja was the first person to train me on IFS processes when I landed in Sri Lanka eight years ago," Kieran recalls. "It was a pleasure to witness Kieran's outstanding performance in the IFS Graduate Programme," added Muthuraja. "Our paths have diverged since our time at IFS, yet we continue to collaborate, leveraging our friendship to build customer-centric organisations."

In conclusion, this partnership between SEBSA and Sorcha Systems represents more than just a business collaboration; it is a collective endeavour driven by the mutual interest to provide value-based solutions with dedication and commitment.

About Sorcha

Sorcha systems is a boutique IFS consultancy based in the UK. Specialising in implementation, support and continuous improvement projects for IFS customers, we boast an array of successful projects in the asset management, construction and service industries. We aim to deliver customer focussed solutions and operate on a basis of honesty, integrity and endeavour.

With over a decade of IFS expertise, Sorcha aims to provide cost effective, high quality solutions with the business process as the driving factor.


SEBSA is a leading provider of IFS solutions to enterprises worldwide. Renowned for delivering Simple, Fast, and Accurate solutions, our services encompass IFS consulting, implementations, support, and training. Additionally, we excel in Integration Services and Web & Mobile software development. SEBSA and its dedicated team embrace the spirit of going #beyondtheextramile, extending efforts not only towards ensuring customer satisfaction but also fostering professional and personal development; this has proven instrumental in enabling SEBSA's clients to attain an outstanding 100% success rate in IFS solutions and elevating SEBSA as a trusted and competent service provider within the IFS community.

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